Fitness tips

As you know now tennis players are faster,stronger and bigger than ever.Modern production of racquets allows them to hit the ball in the speed that was not imaginable before.Before they didn’t have specific fitness program,they would just run a few laps,do few sit-up’s,sprints and push up’s.

That was the typical fitness training before.

Today’s demands of tennis are much higher and as harder the tennis match is,fitness training become the more important.

Tennis helps to improve your fitness and your stamina helps to improve your game.

Many athlets have trouble maintaining concentration when play the matches.

Tennis is a  great sport because it has a good workout combined with short recovery breaks and regardess of your age you compete against your opponent.

Of course you will improve if you play often but specific strenght and conditioning program will help you a lot.

Every tennis rally does not last the same ( 1 sec or even up to 30 sec).

Every point you change direction your movements a few times.After that,comes the recovery lasting 25 sec.

That makes tennis anaerobic sport that requires agility and speed.

Tennis match can still last for several hours and therefore aerobic fitness and muscular endurance are also important.

Aerobic foundation enables better recovery between points and muscular endurance improves muscle strenght.

Physical demands of tennis are such that require flexibility,strenght,endurance agility,speed,anaerobic and aerobic capacity and to progress you must have a high quality and specific training and I will try to help you with my personal expirience.