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Not only does she love fashion, Donna creates fashion.

Donna made her signature in fashion through cooperaton with the American top sportswear company UOMO SPORT, which is a symbol of luxury and elegance in sports, and she participated in the creation of a women's line of sportswear.

To sense on your skin that one piece of premium Italian material of light fabric, stretchable in all directions, fine embroidery and microfiber can make is really a premium feeling. Only the best for the winners.


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Innovative technology and a product of the highest quality can create a powerful tool, which in the right hands leads to triumph. The Japanese craftsmanship, innovation and passion for tennis behind the YONEX brand of sports products (racquets) makes this company the perfect strategic partner in delivering Donna's services. Donna's motto: "Train with purpose, play with passion" gets a new level of play with Yonex.

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There is no "right time", the time is never right or wrong. You can either lost your time or you can grab it. As a professional athlete, Donna doesn't waste her time. Donna values her time.

Just like a Swiss precision watch like the F.P. Journe, which is always "at her hand", incredibly light, great comfort of use and performance, combining tradition and modern technology, feminine and elegant. Every moment is precious with this watch.

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Donna and the MAMIĆ company, which is driven by a passion for the tradition of watchmaking and jewellery, know that the star that shines is not only in the sky or inside us, but is also hidden in the timeless style of DAMIANI handmade diamond jewellery from Italy.

Guided by the motto that nature gives us beautiful things, their job is to make them even more beautiful to bring a touch of luxury and elegance that makes every woman even more special, primarily to herself.

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What better way to convey direct positive messages with which Donna wants to inspire and motivate people for a healthy life and love for sports than through cooperation with the world-famous VIBER company.

By creating personalized viber stickers, the sent messages evoke the story of Donna's life and tennis. At the same time, they are an excellent reminder of how to enjoy top sports, after all, like everything in life.




To get started on your wellness journey, use Donna’s code DONNA15 for 15% off on www.cymbiotika.com

Striving for a healthier, happier life brought Donna and Cymbiotika together. Cymbiotika creates clean, science-backed supplements that combine scientific innovation with traditional Eastern medicine to restore balance in the body. Their supplements are sourced from high-quality, plant-based ingredients and utilize an advanced absorption technology so you get everything you need to achieve optimal health. Whether you're an all-star athlete or just starting your wellness routine, Cymbiotika's supplements help you perform better, feel empowered, and live life to the fullest. From athletic performance to gut health, cognitive function to energy and longevity, Cymbiotika has you covered - and they are the foundation to Donna's everyday wellness routine.

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The top tennis services provided by the Donna Tennis Team, with Donna as a partner, and in partnership with hotels, offer additional program to tourists who want to spend an active vacation. Education and tennis lessons regardless of the knowledge level, with primarily having fun includes exercises based on one-day (120 minutes), three-day or six-day programs.

Some of the hotels that successfully implement this program of services include Amadria Park Opatija and Kempinski Hotel Istria in Savudria, although this is a global project that is planned to be implemented in other hotels around the world.

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Donna found a uniqe way of presenting her country throught this collaboration. Croatian National Tourist Board has chosen Donna as one of the Best representatives and ambassadors of Croatia in the world.


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For seven years now, Donna has been the best athlete in the town of Osijek and is overjoyed that her hometown is increasingly recognized as a city of sports. She started her first tennis steps in Osijek at the age of six and since then she has been working hard to contribute to the popularization of tennis and sports in general in the town of Osijek.

She enjoys being in her town and returning to it after the tournaments. As an ambassador of the town of Osijek, she wants to inspire others to start playing sports or to simply visit and enjoy the beauty of her city and county.

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Donna is an ambassador of sports and continental tourism, and as a world traveller and professional athlete, wherever she is in the world, she tries to promote her country as well as the beauty of the region, the Kopački rit Nature Park and the Osijek-Baranja County in general. "I am very proud of this title and I really try to promote the county, the town of Osijek and Croatia wherever I am in the world," says Donna.